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2025 Strategic Vision

The University of La Verne recognizes that higher education in the United States is at a crossroad. Several forces are reshaping the competitive landscape and our strategic response:

  • Economic;
  • Demographic;
  • Value Proposition;
  • Information Revolution;
  • WSCUC Review; and
  • 2020 Crisis Year.

Our Strategic Response

The 2025 Strategic Plan positions the university to successfully compete in this environment. Distinctiveness will arise from both the programs that we offer and quality delivery of what we offer. The former involves high potential health programs that address regional needs. The latter rests upon educational excellence in delivering existing and new programs, undergirded by four strategic themes:

  1. High-Value Education
  2. Inclusive Environment
  3. Holistic Education
  4. Performance Excellence and Innovation

Consistent with our values, the first three themes focus our efforts on delivering clear educational value for learners as whole persons in an affirming environment conducive towards intellectual, personal, civic, and career growth. The final theme makes strategic pursuits viable and sustainable by emphasizing evidenced-based, continuous improvement in university operations and processes.

The strategy also takes into account future student demographics that will be increasingly Latinx, adult, veteran, transfer, and low-income by embracing our Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) status and building upon our traditional strength with adult learners. The university will be a destination of choice for these fast growing student demographics by offering a flexible, personalized, career-focused education within an inclusive learning environment for all students.